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As a printmaker I work mainly in the technique known as etching. There is always an element of surprise in the process of creating an etching - you never know exactly what the final result will be. All impressions vary slightly because each one is pulled individually. Therefore, etching is both a skill and a sort of magic. When I am drawing a picture each new form is generated from a previous one and in its turn prompts the following ones and this process is directed into space and is filling it up. When I stop the process, the part of the space on top remains empty and is associated with the sky. In this way the abstract or “geometric landscapes” are born. It is often the problem for me to name the abstract picture. This can be done in a traditional way, say, Composition #. I decided to bring together two abstractions: a picture and a randomly chosen abstract mathematical notion. The collision of two abstractions gives rise to a super abstraction.

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